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Support Local Businesses & Good Ol' Kiwi Spirit

New Zealand is full of small local businesses that are eager to show you what's on offer. Hard work combined with a Kiwi spirit has shaped this country into what it is, and our local names have played a huge part in it.


Due to coronavirus we know that it is hard for many local businesses to get back on their feet. We want to give back to our community by supporting and showcasing local names, brands, products and/or services throughout New Zealand.


Browse through your favorite categories and see what you can find and who you can support. 

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Mobile App Release

The Local NZ has successfully developed a mobile app for iPhone & Android. 

This app provides a clean environment for listings to be displayed upon, and easy access to new businesses.

You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Developed by co-owner Ilija Jankovic

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