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DeltaFoxx Social Media Management

Helping small businesses grow social media presence

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I'm Summer, An Expert in Social Media

With social media taking over the market, businesses big and small now face a new challenge. Social media upkeep is a challenge, especially in the beginning. Keeping up with trends and tracking what the competition is doing next is my specialty, and I am dedicated to growing your social media presence.


Social media can either be a commitment with uncertain results, or the perfect opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Deltafoxx ensures the latter by providing you with a strategic plan based on research and experience with other social media profiles. My services are designed to be affordable as I want to aid as many businesses out there, especially in these uncertain times. My strategies are simple, effective and easy to pick up. I will provide ongoing support, and work with you to nail down a successful social media presence.

If you're struggling with writing engaging content for your social media, generating new hashtags and maintaining that consistent online presence then our social media management packages could be just what you need so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

10 Week Instagram Content Calendar 

DeltaFoxx now has a 10-week content calendar available! Don't know what to post? or get stuck on what ideas for the upcoming week? 

DeltaFoxx has you sorted with already made content ideas for you to grow your Instagram. 


This includes: 

3 post ideas - example captions

2 Reel ideas - example on what to do/captions 

6 story ideas - example text 

That's 30 post ideas, 20 Reel ideas and 120 Instagram story ideas!

ONLY $12.99 nzd  

See below at the bottom of the page to fill in your details to get yours today!


Weekly Social media management 



Between $70-$200 per week 

This package includes:


#Management of one Instagram account

#Management of one  Facebook page

#Content creation (just need images supplied)

#3 -7 posts a week (posted throughout the week) 

#3-7 stories a week (not custom just repost on the post that's been posted) 

#Monitoring of engagement & commentary (eg. comments. would prefer if you took care of direct messages) 

#Integrate new features when available ( eg. reels) 

#Recommendations on-page developments (Meeting when suited)

#Any questions/supports you have 


My packages can be designed to suit your business and brand, while still working within your budget. Can custom to suit your needs. 


Contact DeltaFoxx 

Get in contact with Summer today and check out her portfolio on her website!


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