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FAQ for NZ local businesses


How do I list my business?

1. Go to


2. Click on List Your Business at the top of the page for desktop, or if you’re on mobile, tap on the three striped lines and then List Your Business from the drop down menu. Sign up to make an account with us.


3. Fill out the form. Make sure you have three photos ready (they are needed to show off your business/products/services). Payment plans are available to then choose (the first month is free with every plan).


4. Fill out the payment details. (Should be directed after your submitted application form) - if the payment page doesn’t come up, refresh page and click list your business again and it should redirect you. 


5. We will receive your form, we will then review it. Once approved and payments details have gone through, we will send you an email confirming you are going live on our website. Note: this may take up to 48 hours.


What is included in the payment plan?

Your business will be:​

  • Listed on the website:

  • Listed on our mobile app: The Local NZ 

  • Advertised on social media platforms. Instagram & Facebook: @thelocalnzwebsite & The Local NZ

  • Google ads 


How long will my listing be up on the website?

The amount of time your listing will be up is based on the plan you have purchased. For example, if you buy a monthly plan, your listing will be up for a month, and will renew unless cancelled.


Can I cancel my listing? 

If you have purchased a Standard plan ($5 a month) you can cancel at any point by letting us know - keep in mind depending on when you are wanting to cancel you maybe charged for that month.


If you are have the premium ($4 monthly) or full year plan ($3 monthly)  you are unable to cancel until that time comes to an end.


You can contact us to let you know when that time is up, there are some circumstances where we can cancel your plans such as close of business. 


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