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For The Love Of Learning...

Brain Gains


Why we love what we do:

1. We have a life-long love of children and learning, desiring to inspire others to love learning too.

2. We became increasingly aware of the significant percentage of adults and children who struggle with various aspects of learning because of (often unrecognised) cognitive processing deficits. Although they are bright and their hearing and sight are unimpaired, they lack certain or sufficient neural pathways required to accurately interpret sensory data. Learning is confusing, frustrating and exhausting.

Regardless of how much effort a student makes, they make little headway and are often regarded as lazy, inattentive or lacking in intelligence. Misunderstanding creates anxiety, which manifests as emotional stress or behavioural problems.

3. The brain is “plastic” – it can be ‘trained’ through a specifically targeted programme of cognitive challenges designed for each student, that strengthens or builds new neural pathways to make learning easier and more effective.

4. Tutoring is usually focused on helping students catch up where they lag in literacy or maths, but until the underlying cognitive deficits are addressed, students continue to find learning arduous and frustrating. There is currently insufficient help and support for struggling students, parents and teachers, so we are offering extra help to them, especially for those challenged by ADHD and ASD.

What Brain Gains offer:

1. Literacy and Maths Tuition: maths, reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

2. Cognitive Skills: auditory and visual-spatial processing, language processing, phonemic and phonological awareness, memory processing, logic and reason, fine-motor skills training.

3. Executive Function Skills: comprehension, organisation and planning, thinking skills, problem-solving, cost and risk analysis and decision making, motivation and responsibility, resilience (coping skills), emotion and behaviour self-management.

4. Cognitive Art and Crafts: drawing, watercolour painting, embroidery and cross-stitch, knitting.

5. Parent and Teacher Training and Advice: parenting support – especially for parents of ADHD and ASD children, school readiness parenting – how to prepare your child for school (from birth), understanding cognitive processing and associated emotional-behavioural issues, how to teach phonics.

Check out Brain Gains under " Services" on or The Local NZ Mobile App.

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