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Supporting Infertility

Haven - Boxes designed for anyone going through infertility and child loss. Whether it is a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, Haven has a small range of limited release boxes for anyone.

Nicole has created her own business called Haven. This is the story behind why Nicole has made her business.

Nicole created Haven while going through her own fertility struggles and journey. She was about three years in and the road and was still looking extremely long. When Nicole and her husband began the IVF part of the journey, one of Nicole's best friends bought a little gift for Nicole and her husband. The friend made a passing comment on how hard she found, finding gifts in NZ that would fit best. From there that comment stuck with Nicole.

Nicole started to notice that when she told her friends and family the bad news she'd begin feeling bad because she had realised how helpless they were all feeling not knowing what to do or how to be there for her and her husband. So Nicole thought "man there really needs to be something out there for these situations".

A few months later Nicole still had no luck on her end...

Nicole chatted to a coworker and told her how she had been thinking that there should be something out there for anyone going through infertility, either to buy for themselves or a loved one going through their journey. The coworker said to Nicole "why don't you do it?" and from there by that afternoon Nicole had come up with the name "Haven", which was the base idea of what Nicole wanted to create.

She then messaged a few people to see if they'd like to come on board etc and everything just began falling into place. Nicole said, " I was shocked, most people were replying to me and saying they'd love to be a part of Haven and opened up about their own struggles with conceiving and sharing these personal moments with me and I was blown away".

Nicole knew this was something she needed to do.

Nicole and her husband were also facing some pretty hefty treatment bills and knew the profits would really benefit them as well creating our little miracle which just kept the fire in her belly and the passion to put her all into Haven turning out a negative situation into a positive.

The journey you go through is so mentally challenging Nicole said "I have never experienced anything like it. It drains you of your personality, passion, hope when the years go on and putting my focus into a positive spin did wonders for my mental health too".

The absolute goal plan would be to continue putting Haven profits into others journeys and help relieve financial pressure off them trying to get their little family. Big goals one day. Something Nicole had learnt was when she started properly getting the ball going it was back in January of this year and didn't launch until May. Things just took time to get right, she wanted it to be perfect.

Nicole is still yet to learn her at-home printing system for the parcels to be picked up from home so she is still going to the post shop, haha but she will get there!

Nicole has big plans in the future for all aspects of fertility journeys to be included as well as boxes or gifts anyone can buy to be available to help support ourselves financially as the bills keep coming.

All profits from Haven go towards funding Nicole and her husband's own personal journey to make their rainbow baby.

Check Nicole's business out, under "Gift Shop".

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